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Choose responsibly grown organic cotton, free from the use of toxic pesticides and GMOs. Do it for your projects, people and the planet.

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Organic cotton

Why Organic Fabric

Quilt made from organic cotton

Our Fabrics are Certified Organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard

The fabric, thread, and batting sold at Earth First Fabrics is made of only organic fibers, including organic cotton and linen. Organic certification helps ensure there are no harmful chemicals in clothing and household textiles.

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Your Projects Have A Global Impact

The impact of your choice – purchasing and promoting organic fiber – has a positive ripple effect on the economy, our community, and the planet. Buying organic means you can feel good about the product and the process behind it.

Plus, for every yard of fabric you purchase, you plant a tree.

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The Wild Coast fabrics available from Earth First Fabrics