Our Story

A quilter, a video editor, and an environmental biologist got to thinking…

Hi, I’m Lana.

Earth First Fabrics was born out of the merging of my family’s strengths, passion, and commitment to environmental sustainability.  This is the story of how the three of us, with our different interests and professions, came together to create a business that unified all of us under one umbrella … mitigating climate change. 

In 2016 in Southern California, I bought a local quilt shop that had been in the community since 1984, Quilt’n’Things.  Deciding to expand what the shop offered, I purchased a Longarm quilting machine to help customers complete their quilts. My husband, Paul, an editor and owner of a video production company, became intrigued by the precision and mechanics of this quilt shop “power tool” and joined the team as the resident longarmer.

In March of 2020, with the onset of a global pandemic, my daughter, Linnea, was evacuated from her Peace Corps Service as an urban agriculture extension agent in Senegal. Linnea had been living her dream of empowering communities to create sustainable farming systems. She was heartbroken to leave the work she had just started with a community that opened their arms to her with such love, warmth, and generosity.  Back home with Paul and me, Linnea took a job as an environmental biologist and began volunteering with local climate justice organizations. 

Linnea’s passion for the environment was infectious. She shared with us her knowledge about the HUGE environmental footprint of conventional cotton production.  Conventionally-grown cotton crops are the third largest user of pesticides (next to corn and soybeans), which are harmful to both the environment and human health. 

Organic Cotton Farming

Organic cotton farming, on the other hand, focuses on building a healthy agro-ecosystem and growing crops without the use of toxic pesticides and GMOs.

Inspired by this new knowledge, in January of 2021, I decided to transition to exclusively purchasing organic merchandise for my fabric shop – including organic fabrics, thread, and cotton quilt batting – and offering organic longarm services.

And Earth First Fabrics was born!

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Forest garden Farmer in Koungheul Senegal
One of the many forest garden farmers in Koungheul, Senegal pictured in his garden.

Giving Back

With the intention to put the Earth first in our business, we decided to increase the reach of our goal to mitigate climate change and have partnered with Trees for the Future.

Learn more about our partnership with Trees for the Future.